Should you not be interested, I won't mind
Here's where I manage to embarass myself

May I start by saying how much I hate this bit? I mean, isn't it enough that you put out your work for all the world to see and criticize and ridicule and maybe even appreciate a bit? You even have to say something about yourself and finish off any dignity you might have been left with? Anyway, this is the nature of the job, and they say it's fair...

I have always liked the great outdoors, the mountains. Seeing nobody, driving myself to exhaustion to reach a summit or a special place most people do not even know or care about has always appealed to me. There is something about nature, its indifference, its justice, its noble and uncompromizing strength that inspires and regenerates the soul. Indeed, some are never closer to themselves than when they are far away.

I bought a camera years ago, and the idea of trying to bring back the sense of solitude, and grandeur, and awe that you experience out there has haunted me ever since. It's been a passion and a curse really. I believe one should try to do justice to the scene. It's not about photoshopping and oversaturating an image to death and boredom; it's about conveying the sense of the landscape, being truthful to reality and yourself. By humbly recognizing that you cannot outsmart nature you can finally listen to its inner voice and once in sync you can try to communicate this to others. Whether I managed to do it, even in only a few works, it's not really for me to say, but I've tried, I really tried...

My Work

and who uses it

Nowadays, photographers mainly work for stock agencies and do not know who buys what and for what purpose. Sometimes, a happy and caring customer finds the time to thank you and inform you about the way they are using your work. It's the exception rather than the rule. Other times you just stumble on a picture of yours. My favourite one was a few years ago. I was driving up to Cortina for yet another excursion and there were these billboards everywhere. At first I was not even sure the picture was mine because I was driving past them too fast. They just kept popping up here and there. I ended up stopping the car and taking a picture of the picture, the one below superimposed over the real one


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