The stories behind the pictures

January, 2015. I got up early, drove to the Misurina Lake in the Dolomites District and parked the car there. Halyss (my sweet female working German Shepher) and I hiked up to the Auronzo Refuge and then traversed to the Lavaredo Fork from which I wanted to shoot the majestic Three Peaks from the East side. Nothing too difficult about the excursion, and really nothing too original about the vantage point either. The weather forecast had promised cirrus clouds in the afternoon though. This might translate into a beautiful sunset with a bit of luck. Light and clouds can change everything and make the difference.

What I did not expect was the quantity of snow I had to plough through to get there, and the biting cold that awaited us once we finally got in position and had to wait a few hours for the sun to set. It was -20° Celsius, windy, in the shade, and we had nothing to do but shiver and wait wrapped together in a little blanket. This is something you just wouldn't be able to see in the picture, with its wispy colourful clouds conveying a sense of warmth and stillness that just was not there ;-)


This picture is very dear to me, literally very dear. The only way to photograph this beautiful lake with a nice reflection is to be there very early in the morning before the wind picks up. This usually means spending the night in a tent to be already in location when the sun rises. This is exactly what I did and there were thousands of stars up in the sky which even the most expensive hotel cannot afford. I woke up before dawn and got to walk on frosty crunchy grass and sip my coffee while looking at the Venus Belt coming up in the sky just a few minutes before sunrise. You might as well be on Mars judging by how far away the ordinary world seems to be in those moments.

What I did not expect was to drop my camera just after a few shots while still on my knees and damage both the body and the lens, which turned this surving shot into one of the most expensive ones I have ever dared to make. Not that customers care and will ever bother to pay any extra of course, and fairly so ;-)


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